Commercial construction is a different type of building process that often has a variety of building code requirements depending on the type of building that is being constructed. Buildings that are meant to have three or more stories are often required to have a steel frame. It is also likely to have other building material and code differences than smaller commercial structures are required to have.

This is often why one and two-story restaurant buildings and office buildings can be completed quicker than higher use or larger buildings. However, it should be noted that almost all types of commercial buildings require advanced building code accommodations. Whether the building is large or small, buildings that are intended to have a larger amount of consumer or public traffic are usually required to have greater safety measures in both building and fire codes.

Special Construction Accommodations

Sometimes, though certain types of commercial buildings do not have specific code requirements, it is important to have special accommodations built in to the structure for its usage. This is the case with building in a greater buffer for sound, security, privacy and weight.

Public Venues

Any building that has a small arena or group venue area that also offers a wide variety of other services, such as a small conference center will need to be certain they make special building accommodations. Because there are sound and traffic concerns, special fire and code accommodations must be built ad planned for in the design. This would include greater sound proofing and proper design for human foot traffic, proper exits and fire safety.

Banks and Secured Buildings

When building commercial buildings that need special accommodations for security, it is important to work directly with an architect for proper security design. This includes making room for proper electronic and building systems such as bank security systems. Additionally, building of bank vaults and other secured areas does require greater design planning and implementation from a commercial design architect.

Privacy Based Office Space

For commercial construction that requires greater adherence to privacy such as: medical facility usage, educational centers, counseling centers, attorney offices or financial institutions, sound proofing can be vital. In most cases, the need for privacy and buffering sound requires a higher level of sound barriers from room to room. Because of this, the standard wall and sheetrock construction is probably not going to be sufficient. Commercial architects can usually design the right type of plans showing the best type of construction and construction materials to accommodate these needs. Working directly with a commercial design architect to design private offices and exit spaces is essential.

Weight Bearing

Another area that can be of big concern is when commercial space is going to need to accommodate an above average weight amount. This is usually because of equipment. However, it can also be because an expected higher volume of human traffic. Extra support beams should be added into these designs.

All buildings that are being designed for commercial use, should enlist the help of a good commercial architect that understands different commercial property uses and can design it accordingly. Many different types of commercial property use require special building accommodation changes that can only be determined and designed by a commercial architect. This is true whether the building is already constructed and simply requires interior work, or it is for a building that is planned for construction. Usage of any commercial building most often determines building code requirements.

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