The dispensation of illegal and/or counterfeit drugs is a big problem. For this purpose, numerous laws and initiatives have been set to curb the allocation of such contraband. A huge part of this is the ability to track and trace prescription drugs. Track and trace deals with the logistics and distribution involved in the transportation of drugs. It looks at both past and present locations of such property. In this way dispensation can be checked and contraband items sussed out as well as their providers. It also gives companies far and wide the ability to validate the stock they receive.

Track in trace encompasses real-time reporting of container and vehicle positions. It focuses on the departure and arrival of prescriptions drugs, their present position, where they are stored, and the overall status of their transit. Each object is tracked using identification technology. Such serialization and traceability solutions are linked to the individual object itself. The object is scanned, the number recorded, and the data stored. This means companies can know where the objects are, the time they were observed, the status of the package, and the location of its observation. Such technology has become available in the wake of illegal contraband as well as factory recalls on products. Most of this technology is relegated to bar codes and Radio-frequency identification.

Serialization and Traceability

Serialization software allows each product to be given its own unique serial number. Such numbers not only contain tracking but also information about the product itself. A prescription drug designated a serial number has its whole life history downloaded onto that number. Scanners can view the product’s origins, its expiration date, and view the batch number. This aids in the filtering out of contraband so that real product can be safely, and securely shipped to where it needs to go. The credentials within the serial number link to reputable companies with legitimate reputations. The units are then tracked through the entirety of the supply chain from start to finish. This allows companies to be ensured that product will make it safely and will know if it has been tampered with.

Traceability covers a product form its manufacture to its final distribution, it even goes further to its dispensation to the client. This is the part that focuses more on recalls than illegal dispensation or counterfeiting. This protects the consumer who buys a bad product, or a rogue made product. For this purpose, trace software companies’ partner with the pharmaceutical industry. The software also comes with integration technology that aid with the dispensation, as well as making it easy for items to be integrated into the overall system. The software is paramount to protecting both user and manufacturer.

Traceable software deals in the parameters of who is allows to transport, who is allowed to receive, and who is allowed to manufacture. These credentials provide the basis of proper identification of product. This not only weeds out improper product but helps with the recovery of stolen product as well.







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