To some people it’s a bit cheesy, and to others it’s the key to commercial success. But what’s for certain is that working well as a team is something that most businesses require in order to function every day. From the way it boosts staff retention levels to the impact it can have on productivity, having your staff work in a team is definitely something that’s desirable. So whether you’re in the tech space, marketing or something else altogether, this article will help you to engender a sense of camaraderie in your teams.

Team building days

Whether it’s adventure sports in the forest or a relaxing day at a country club, team building days come with plenty of value. They take employees out of their comfort zone and give them a way to notice aspects of each other’s personalities, such as who is a risk-taker and who is empathetic. This, in turn, is useful knowledge for team projects back at the office. And, of course, doing a fun activity together creates a social bond – which can in turn boost productivity.

In some workplaces, team building is considered something that’s a little bit eccentric or even embarrassing – but most employees, once they actually get out and experience the event, find that any negative feelings disappear. By designing a team building day that strikes the right balance between fun and focus, it’s likely that everyone will have a good time.

Set tasks in teams

But while team building days can have their uses, it’s vital that there’s a chance to put the insights learned back into practice at the office. Managers can do this by being smart about their task-setting. Instead of asking one person to perform a research task, say, why not split the job into two and give it to a pair? Each employee will be pleased to have a smaller workload, and the two will co-operate without even realizing they’re doing it.

Games and fun

Out of hours social events are also great ways to nurture a good team spirit. Some employers prefer to leave this up to their staff, while others take an active role and may even put some cash towards a social event at a bar or other destination. Setting up a lotto syndicate is also a good move. Official FreeLotto games are a great idea here, as FreeLotto offers jackpots of up to tens of millions of dollars – so there’s plenty to get excited about as a team.

Creating a team spirit can seem like something that’s a bit hard to do – especially if you feel like your teams might not be up for playing along. But by encouraging your colleagues to work together in their day to day activities and offering structured opportunities such as team games, there are plenty of ways you can get that team spirit locked down.

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