In today’s visual world, we are bombarded from all sides with imagery, on our televisions, our phones, in print and large formats outdoors. It means that the design element has to be so much better to achieve stand out from the other ‘noise’ we see every day. The way the design and graphics work together is critical in getting the message across and telling us how to feel about something, or what to do about it.

What makes a good sign

From an artistic perspective, a ‘good’ sign is very subjective but there are some key elements that are ‘must-haves’ for success. Legibility is the best place to start. There is no point having a beautiful sign if no one can read it.

The key point of signage is to communicate a message and if the design cannot fulfil that basic function, it has failed, no matter how good it looks. Don’t forget to include those with visual impairments when working out your design as it is important that they receive enough information to assist them in their lives.

Clarity for all parties is important, so be sure to ask yourself if you have all the necessary information on the sign, and if there is any information included that is surplus to requirements. Once the message is confirmed, you can move on to the aesthetics.

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Clarity and beauty

Whilst communicating the right information is ultimately the job of a sign, doing that in a beautiful way allows you to engage with your audience in a much better and more meaningful way. If it prompts people to feel something, an emotion of some kind, it will have a more enduring legacy.

Read the article from Entrepreneur to get some more ideas and inspiration, and then once you have an idea that will work for you, take it to a specialist company like Mood Media who are experts in digital signage and will be able to help you take your idea from brief to reality.

Finally, don’t forget that any signage connected with your business should build on the brand image and values. It should be communicating a message, but as far as your brand is concerned, it must be communicating in a way that fits with your tone and values.

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