For an unstressed and progressive working environment, the managers and employees of an organization need to understand every single team member’s way of handling conflicts. But what is the right way to address conflicts in the workplace?

Mainly people react in five ways to avoid conflict situations in the workplace:

  • Compromise
  • Avoidance
  • Accommodation
  • Competition
  • Collaboration

Everyone considers their way of conflict handling completely normal, but the ideal solution to resolve conflict is collaboration. For a company Manager, it is important not only to manage and complete the project in time but also to the individual who is part of that project.

Destructive and constructive conflicts:

A team leader or manager needs to understand the fact that conflict has not only negative potential consequences. But handling the conflict wisely can turn it into productivity. When there are gaps between communications, disrupted regular activities, impacted relationships, and individuals become rigid in their positions, the conflict turns out destructive for an organization.

While providing better ways for communication, procedures, and processes are the first step towards a constructive conflict situation. In addition to it, considering the conflict as motivation to change, being comfortable with the disagreement, and agree to disagree are the factors that promote a healthy and positive conflict situation.

Conflict’s resolution techniques:

‘’conflict management’’ is the only way to come out of panic situations and resolving conflicts. To achieve the required goal and resolve the issues it is essential to be well-prepared for the interaction with the people you wish to address. To improve conflict management skills you must have proper information about:

  • The root cause of the conflict
  • What is at stake? And what may be the risks to communicate or to avoid the situation?
  • Proper assessment to handle the conflict in the right way
  • Design a proper conflict management strategy to deal with the issue
  • Focus on behaviors, not on personalities
  • Be clear about the expected outcomes


BASIS TRAINING is a company that offers ‘’Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression or PMVA Training and ‘’Management of Violence and Aggression’’ (MOVA) courses, that help professionals and organizations to deal with the conflicts more positively and progressively.

These courses are designed in the most effective way to train employees of various organizations who regularly deal with violence and aggression during their work and the skills of conflict management to physical restraint.

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