Public relations are a category of marketing efforts that relies on the ability to sway public opinion in favor of your company or product or sometimes even against that of your competitors. There are much differences between PR online and PR off-line. Online PR focuses on influencing different communities, media outlets and audiences that exists solely online. Whereas off-line PR is generally targeted towards television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other “live” events.The PitchWhen targeting off-line media outlets pitching journalists or reporters is often done in person or over the phone. However, PR online is trying to sway opinion of bloggers or other influential online properties about company or product. A conversation over the phone simply ends once the call is disconnected. Whereas many bloggers and online communities communicate solely through digital text. Once something is written down and communicated through the Internet it is forever available to anyone. Ensuring that your message is not construed online or taken out of context is one of the major issues of online PR. For this reason when pitching online influencers, bloggers were communities it is often better to think that you are also pitching your entire consumer base. In this manner public relation gaffs can be avoided as you consistently have the end consumer in mind.

Online PR StrategiesConducting PR online is a matter of choosing the right mix of public relation channels online in order to optimize content distribution in order to reach the widest audience, or simply target niche audiences has already identified. Most corporate public relations strategies focus on a central web property such as a website an attempt to optimize its traffic through search engine optimization (SEO), blog marketing and the use of press releases. This can also be augmented for bloggers, reporters, journalists and other media subscribers by an available online media kit for easy access to your latest news, press releases and media coverage online.Outsource Vs In-HousePublic relations is often an activity that is outsourced in order to gain the expertise of a PR professional and also gain an efficiency by not having a department in-house. This outsourced PR firm can also handle brand reputation management and a host of other services to ensure and promote brand loyalty and other marketing efforts. Brand management deals with understanding what the marketplace and media are saying about your company and brand. Most medium and large size enterprises conduct brand management by assessing public opinion and allocating a portion of resources in relation to the importance of their brand. A number of various venues can be used including blogs, discussion threads, forums and social networking sites.

PR online provides an opportunity for most companies to present a unified picture of both their company and brand and attempt to sway public opinion regarding a product or service purchase. By managing the public relations through online means most companies can efficiently and effectively market themselves in a positive way to affect real change in buyer behavior.

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