In today’s business environment, all Web Host oriented businesses, from small to large, should be aware of the advantages or disadvantages that outsourcing their technical support might bring to their business. When thinking through their options, they should be aware of the types of problems they can expect will be solved and what might be involved in the various scenarios they may face. The following may help in that process.Consider The Cost Outsourcing means that you hire another company to take care of the human resources you need to handle your support, including hiring, training and providing the office space and equipment the support reps require, along with everything else that goes along with providing good technical support. Although there is some expense in working with an outsource company that resides in another country, the cost of doing business through VOIP and other electronic means is minimal when compared to what it would cost you to handle it in-house.Maintaining Customer Closeness One concern you may have is whether you will be able to stay close to your customers. It would seem that outsourcing keeps you at a distance from them, but that doesn’t have to be. A good outsourcing company will provide you with direct customer feedback so you can maintain your ability to monitor every situation, and you will know immediately if your outsourcing staff is keeping your customers happy or not. Besides, you will no doubt maintain an in-house support team that will continue to interact with your customers as well, giving you a full range of options to use when checking up on them, and keeping tabs with your customers.

Maintaining ControlSome companies that would be better off to use the services of an outsource company refuse to do so because they are afraid they will lose control of the quality of their support team. However, the best outsource companies will maintain your quality control exactly as you require without compromising quality. Reputable outsource companies keep copious records of their interaction with your customers and provide accurate reports in order to help you maintain quality control across all aspects of your support system. You can also include customer surveys that let you see firsthand whether your outsourced support staff is handling customers to your requirements.Outsource Support Knowledge and TrainingHow knowledgeable is your support staff? And how long did it take them to learn everything they need to know? A good outsourcing support team is already trained and has the experience to begin working with your Support issues immediately. They generally will not need a knowledge base to understand most Support scenarios because their hands-on experience, training and technical knowledge are in most cases, enough to handle the toughest situations. You will find, with the better outsourcing companies, that you will only need to explain the basic operations to them and they can begin handling helping your customers right away.The Size Of Your Support TeamAs companies grow so do the list of customers. More customers means more support staff is needed. So it is inevitable that at some point the Technical Support staff can be overwhelmed by incoming tickets and other support requests that require immediate help. Of course, the opposite can be true too. If a company is losing sales or customers, the need for support may decline to the point where there are too many support personnel. This can be a real problem for Web Host companies that have an in-house staff. If they need more staff they will have to spend the money to hire and train new staff and set them up with equipment and office space, not to mention take care of all of the other employee details that companies are required to handle, such as salaries, vacations, sick days compensation, various forms of insurance and a number of other items. If the company is not doing well and has to let go of employees, that opens up a number of difficult issues of its own. Neither is very pleasant.

However, if the company has an outsourced Tech Support staff, the company merely has to inform the Outsourced company to add more staff or to reduce staff, and all the details are taken care of for them without any hassle. That kind of worry free management can save you money, headaches and stress.The Extra Mile Today’s customers are more interactive when it comes to getting support. They live in a fast world where instant information is the norm, and they expect to get the same kind of service from your Support Staff. Plus, when things don’t go their way, they can take to Twitter and their complaint is known far and wide. Maybe this does not seem fair to you or to your support staff, but you will have to deal with it since it is not going away. How does an outsourced support staff handle that kind of customer reaction? A good trained and professional outsourced staff can handle these kinds of incidents by being proactive from the very beginning and maintain a good rapport with each customer so your customers feel special and cared for. It’s an important factor in determining what kind of outsourced staff you want.

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