Cloud computing is a great way for individuals and companies to share information with each other. The ability to share is important for companies, especially if employees across different departments and locations need to work together. Information can be gathered faster including tech support. Overall, cloud computing helps companies run more efficiently. Companies may prefer to have an intranet if they have a central accounting department, various satellite offices, and if they work in teams across different locations.

Central Accounting Department

Intranet allows all users within the company to access company files. A central accounting department will need to access files for all locations in order to manage reports, accounts payable, receivables, and taxes. The intranet will allow your accounting department to access the files of all of your locations without having to visit the site. They can adjust, follow-up on accounts and even give detailed explanations to the officers at the site without ever leaving their desks. An intranet is important for all types of companies from retail to real estate. The intranet is safe to share all types of information because the only ones that can access the information are those within the company.

Various Satellite Offices

Managing a company can be difficult when you have so many locations outside of headquarters. Today, there are still executives that choose to travel and visit many of their locations to get a hands-on feel of how that location is doing. Using the intranet can give those executives a snapshot of the situation at any location. They can send memos or other information to all locations at one time regarding the company. Employees can benefit from the intranet by adding days off to calendars or viewing company goals and deadlines. Employees can also get access to the most current company forms. When a company deals with a lot of vendors at several locations they may want to have to decide between the extranet versus intranet. The extranet is for the vendors to be able to log into the company portal and get access to a limited amount of information.

Team Projects

Employees that work in teams can really benefit from the notes they leave each other on the intranet as well as access any files they may need while they work on their project. They will have a forum to organize their topics and post responses on a live feed when they need to. Employees can realize the challenges with other staff members and they can encourage each other and also help each other if they get stuck on a particular step.

The intranet is an awesome way for companies to boost productivity and efficiency. Intranets are safe, accessed only by individuals within the organization. They are a great way for providing instructions and feedback, and a great way for employees to access important information such as company policies and forms. Having an intranet is very helpful when a company has a central accounting department, various satellite offices, and team projects.


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