Are you interested in mobile wallets? How is the adoption of mobile payments taking place? How can you get approved for high risk ACH processing without challenges? Keep on reading and you’ll know.


Pays: Problems and Adoption

Apple Pay, Google Pay (formerly Android Pay), and Samsung Pay are known colloquially as the “Pays.” 2018 shows that consumer adoption of mainstream mobile wallets doesn’t meet the expectations having been registered so far.


James Anderson, group executive for platforms in MasterCard’s emerging payments division, says he didn’t think the adoption processes would take this long. In fact, it took much longer than expected. Many thought mobile payments would come to a level where they’d be competitive with cards.


According to the recent results from Phoenix Marketing International, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are being slowly but definitely adopted by smartphone owners. This is a Rhinebeck, N.Y.-based firm that’s involved in the process of checking on the usage of mobile wallets.


Apple Pay is playing a leading role in this regard. It represents 11%. However, this is down from 13% as recently as the Q2 of 2017. Google Pay and Samsung Pay both represent 6%.


According to device owners having linked a credit card and used the service at stores, there’re still problems in the industry that haven’t been solved yet.


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What’s the Reality?

Leon Majors, a senior vice president at Phoenix, has recently talked about what consumers are looking for. According to Majors, consumers don’t need more apps: they need better messaging. According to about 54% of Pays users, there’re more apps on smartphones than one can possibly use.


Nearly 4.301 respondents of a Phoenix survey had linked a credit/debit card to one or more of the Pays. 3.371 had made a card-present (CP) mobile payment through a credit card.


52% of Apple Pay users had been faced with some problems during checkout. According to 48% of those having participated in the survey, cashiers weren’t able to help. According to 31%, transactions were posted incorrectly.


According to 38% of respondents, factors that would get them to use Pays more often had to do with faster transaction times. 33% believed that the confidence the terminal would work every time was the most important factor that could make them use Pays more often.


Other popular factors were associated with credit card rewards (32%) and discounts or offers (29%). Order ahead capability was mentioned in the last place (20%), though many restaurant chains had made use of this function for the purpose of attracting mobile-oriented customers.




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