Pallet racking ensures that operations in your warehouse run smoothly. However, choosing the wrong pallet racking can decrease your productivity and it might even lead to a re-fit. Warehouse pallet racking is the ideal for workplaces in which there is a large inventory.

There are many benefits of pallet racking. The most important thing is taking the time to consider which pallet racking solution will work best for your company. These are the factors you need to think about.


The items that will be stored on your racking need to be factored into the decision. This determines the job your pallet racking will need to do, and contacting your warehouse provider means you can find the right model. There are also double-deep and adjustable features if you need them.


The cheapest option is usually not the best. A high cost doesn’t assure quality. Deciding based on cost could mean you end up choosing the wrong racking and lose your initial investment. Take the time to shop around and seek the advice of a specialist provider. There are companies that offer industrial shelving in Ireland and other areas such as

Warehouse Layout

The height, shape and size of your warehouse are central to deciding which type of racking you need. Where the windows are doors are positioned should also be considered. Specialist advisors can assess your warehouse and even increase productivity by suggesting the right racking solution.

Available Space

The best pallet racking options will use the vertical space you have available and save floor space. High bay racking can reach up to 40 metres, meaning you can store a lot of items while keeping your floor space free. Remember that if you opt for high bay racking, you must purchase a racking crane.


If you have a high stock turn-around, then you must have easy access to it. If you don’t move stock regularly, then you can use push-back racking. It all depends on the items you have, the function of your business and the stock rotation rate. There are many cases where the pallet racking hasn’t been suitable for accessibility. Don’t make this expensive mistake: seek advice and guidance from experienced and established companies.


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