The updated version of the shipping container increased in popularity. It highlights the security and market efficiency trade-off. The type of shipping container you buy relies on the purpose you want it to serve. Shipping containers were created to deliver goods. Across the open ocean on ships. They are strong, lightweight, stackable, and weatherproof.

They became very famous for furniture removalists, who could deliver furniture safely. Between different places on the back of a truck. A broad range of size forms has been established over time. There are 8ft, 10ft mini containers, and 20ft high cube containers. They also have larger SCF 40ft Containers. To have easier access and also the traditional 20 ft, and 40 ft shipping containers. These shipping containers are forms that keep various kinds of products. That needs to be delivered from one place of the world to another. Using various types of container ships. Moving containers make sure that the contents on the long journeys are safe. And they also make sure to deliver it to you in one piece.

Explore the list of SCF Shipping Container Dimensions:

  • 8ft Shipping Container- it is the smallest choice in their range. It is perfect for small storage requirements. Sites with limited space or access to store a container. They are secure, watertight, safe just like any larger forms.
  • 10ft Shipping Container- also known as mini shipping containers. It is the ideal storage solution when it has limited space. These smaller units are used for safety. Storage of equipment, furniture, parts, and accessories.
  • 20ft Shipping Container- the 20ft shipping container is the common onsite storage solution. And the most famous of all dimensions. It is safe, strong, secure, and easy to transport.
  • 20ft High Cube Container- it is like a 20ft shipping container. Yet with an extra 1 foot (30cm) of height for even more storage. It is also safe, secure, strong to transport only a little bit taller.
  • 20ft Side Opening Shipping Container- it is one of the most flexible, reliable. And also available storage containers. By giving dual access points through the side doors or end doors. Goods can be accessed easily with the ability to open doors for half or whole sides.
  • 40ft Shipping Container- 40ft Shipping Container is twice the length of the 20ft form. This means it has twice the internal storage volume. It is a great choice for big sites with a high volume of storage needs.
  • 40ft High Cube Container- 40ft High Cube shipping containers are famous for keeping. A great volume of goods. On sites with a lot of available space. This container size is also perfect for modifications. Such as shed options, workshops, or to construct homes.

SCF’s range of storage containers, created from Weathering Carbon Steel. To offer the greatest protection. From vermin and weather conditions. Also maintaining integrity and credibility for several years.

Here are some Benefits of Using Shipping Containers:

  • It’s Environment Friendly
  • These shipping containers are made of durable and long-lasting materials. It remains intact despite the harsh weather element. It can be transformed into something useful. Rather than disposing of it and becoming harmful to the natural environment.
  • Flexibility
  • These containers are also used on the rail not only on roads. It allows you to lessen cost and service greater distances. The cargos are used to ship both small and large goods of the distance. It is also used to transport dangerous liquid substances. Like concrete and hydrocarbon products like foodstuffs.
  • Transformable
  • Nowadays, the real estate market has all types of diversified homes. The storage containers are loved by many since they are enormous and movable. You can select any designs and interior decor to make it homely.
  • For Security Purposes
  • The security and safety of the goods are the main priority of any transporter. SCF cargo containers provide great security to items on delivery. Once the goods are loaded onto the shipping containers, they make sure it is sealed properly. To prevent any unknown substance that could have massive damage.

These are just some of the many benefits shipping containers can offer. You only have to search for a credible supplier to assist you with your needs or you can check on their website.

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