Industrial equipment is often comprised of stainless steel. This type of equipment is commonly found in industrial kitchens that occupy space in hotels, resorts, busy downtown restaurants, correctional facilities, hospitals and even schools. It is extremely important that these industrial kitchen appliances are up to the test when it comes to the jobs that they perform. The metal must be well cared for and be able to pass any and all abrasion resistance testing. If the surfaces scratch or deteriorate then the food and other contaminants can leach their way into the working parts of the equipment. This can render the equipment compromised over time.

Other places where industrial equipment is commonly found is in hospitals, medical laboratories, product development facilities and warehouses. All these places experience different types of internal climates. Climate controlled areas can often be more beneficial to industrial equipment. Working environments like kitchens experience a broader range of temperatures and the equipment can wear out sooner.

The testing that is performed on industrial equipment is unique to each type of equipment. Accelerated laboratory tests are often performed to check a items resistance to certain chemicals and environments. These tests can offer different results in climates with a higher humidity level. These laboratory tests should also be performed in an environmentally secured location. This will provide top quality results. Abrasion tests include friction and chemicals used to determine the strength of the surface on an industrial piece of equipment. Once the surface has been tested all of the moving parts must also be tested. Corrosion can occur within the moving mechanisms of industrial equipment. The same surface tests must be performed on all of the moving parts.

Industrial equipment is not the only type of product that undergoes abrasion testing. In many cases a tester will be used to test the strength and durability of products that are commonly used in a home day to day. These items include porcelain, paint, linens, metals, leather, rubber, paper and many other products. This test machine is comprised of a hollow cylinder. The “drum” is then mounted on a sturdy frame via ball bearings. The horizontal mounting of the hollow cylinder allows for it to spin easily while testing item durability. The opening of the cylinder is air and dust tight. This creates a completely safe and secure testing environment. An electric motor will rotate the hollow cylinder to test the products for abrasive qualities.

It is important to know how reliable your products are. It does not matter if you are having a commercially used industrial piece of equipment tested or if you are having a day to day item in your home tested. You will want to know if your equipment is susceptible to corrosion so that you can treat it before the natural break down and wear begins to become evident. If you are seeking industrial equipment abrasion testing there are many companies that the manufacturer of the equipment will be able to recommend. This will ensure that your industrial equipment is properly tested and treated.

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