As we saw last time, there are some big trends emerging this year in the food and drink industry, and it’s not all about organic or British, although both are still important. Vegan products are growing in popularity, and meat-alternatives are set to be big news.

1. Plant-Based Meats

Plant-based proteins are looking, tasting and behaving more like meat as a credible substitution; they’re so good that even meat-eaters will want a bite, and there are more and more options entering the market.

2. Pea Milk

Non-dairy milk continues to be huge, and now with the advent of pea milk our choice goes beyond almond milk and other lactose-free options. It opens up the market to those with nut allergies and those wanting another alternative.

3. Golden Milk

A nod to the beautiful yellow colour – anything with turmeric is going to huge this year, as research suggests the spice has great anti-inflammatory properties and other medicinal benefits.

4. Healthy Frozen Meals

Ready meals have gone full circle and are now not only convenient but healthy too. Say goodbye to soggy suppers – just because something comes out of a box, it doesn’t mean it needs to taste like cardboard. That can be a great asset to a food business, and with the help of a Saladette Counter from a specialist retailer like Fridge Freezer Direct, you can serve a range of options to your customers.

5. Caffeine in Food

A strong cup of coffee is something many of us rely on to kick-start the day, and now there are caffeinated options we can chew! Rather than a bar of chocolate that few of us could imagine for breakfast, there are ways of boosting energy in a healthier way, like caffeinated peanut butter that delivers the equivalent caffeine of two cups of coffee per serving.

6. Sorghum

Manufacturers are always looking for the next bandwagon, and there’s currently a huge demand for healthy snacks to stop us reaching for the sugary alternatives. Sorghum is a healthy whole-grain that doesn’t use as much water as ‘conventional’ popcorn and is gluten-free.

As Food Manufacture magazine predicts, global sourcing will be big this year.

As the trends develop and grow, the trick will be to find new and innovative ways to incorporate them into “business as usual”.


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