One of the key factors in finding a new lawyer to successfully fit into your legal firm is to ensure you’ve covered every possible opportunity to attract new applicants.

Legal firms finding little success in new hires often don’t realize that they’ve overlooked smaller details, such as whether their hiring coincides with the best time of year for job seekers. While new applicants should remain aware of when firms are hiring, employers stand to gain advantages by understanding how yearly trends can help them to court better legal professionals.

This is an excellent reason for law firms to consider working with a professional legal recruitment agency, since one of the main benefits legal recruiters offer is to make sure you’ve covered even the smallest details of the legal job market while you’re in the midst of the hiring process.

November To January

Working with a reliable legal recruiter is important because they follow the most minute changes in hiring trends, such as knowing which months result in more secured legal positions. Law companies craft new hiring budgets in January and much of their preparation for recruiting and laying off employees occurs in November and December. This means that law firms will tend to start looking for new lawyers in January.

February To Mid-April

Recruiting is always a slow process; for this reason, law companies begin to interview potential candidates in the first few weeks of January. The peak season for extending offers and acceptances usually occurs sometime in February and extends to mid-April.

According to recent research, this period is the busiest hiring season in the year. This tends to be the most active new employment period for law companies, since they typically hire twice the number of lawyers at this time in comparison to other months.

April To August

Appointing in law firms slows down after April for a number of reasons. For one, companies get cautious about hiring right around the time when a wave of fresh hires has been incorporated into the law firm. When they encounter pressing demands, however, law companies are likely to hire more people during the summer period. This is because people tend to travel more and stay in the office less at that time. A professional legal recruiter will understand these trends and incorporate them into your hiring strategy. Around this time of year, legal recruiters start to focus on planning with law students at the early stages of their job search.

Late August to mid-October is another busy time of year for recruiting. During this period, law companies and recruiting companies have enough time to turn to lateral recruiting. This is because they no longer have any summer associate programs to handle.

The best time of year to recruit new lawyers is typically during the busiest season: between February to mid-April, but the busiest time might not be the most effective year after year. Legal organizations of all types stand to gain from soliciting the aid of a legal recruiter for their hiring process. A professional legal headhunter will closely analyze all hiring trends to give your firm the absolute best possibility in finding a new lawyer to fit your team.

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