An air compressor is a product that powers pneumatic tools, most commonly called powered air tools. These tools are faster and more powerful than regular tools due to the compressor providing the necessary pressure to complete heavy job demands. Several compressor types allow you to use power tools at your place of business or at home. Which air compressor should you buy?


Air compressors are either stationary or portable. A stationary unit is best for workspaces since it doesn’t change locations. They come in 60- to 80-gallon tank sizes with motors offering up to 10-HP. Mobile businesses and homeowners do better with a portable unit since it moves from one location to the next as needed.

Power Source

Most air compressors use standard voltage for power. Most Air compressors are used indoors and since there are no fumes produced, they’re ideal for such environments. Never use a generator to power the air compressor, however, because this can damage the motor on the unit.

Gasoline powered air compressors are also available, many construction companies prefer the gas-powered models because they are convenient. However, they do emit exhaust and odors and cannot be used safely in all indoor locations. Choose a well-ventilated area if using a gas air compressor.

Tank Size

The power tool will operate before the compressor runs out of power. There are various tank sizes available, with some of the options as small as one-gallon models to some as large as 80-gallons. Search the options to find the model best-suited for you needs.

Performance Ratings

There are performance ratings on the power tools and on the air compressor. Don’t ignore these numbers, assuming they’re unimportant. Just the opposite is true and if the right performance ratings aren’t chosen, your tools became inoperable. Measured in Standard Cubic Feet per Minute, or SCFM, the rating is listed on the tool and the air compressor to ensure the right purchase is made. It takes just a couple of seconds to choose the right performance and eliminate many problems in the process.


The features offered on the air compressor are important to consider. Without the features being considered, you may find yourself with a unit that doesn’t match your needs. You want to invest in a product that exceeds expectations, so take the time to check these things out. A gardner air compressor is a type of compressor that people love because each model has a plethora of features to enjoy.


Read online reviews and recommendations when you need a great air compressor. customers happily fill you in on the important facts about a product, whether the details are good or bad. You can learn so much from these reviews and possibly avoid buying the wrong air compressor. Use these reviews to your benefit and don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, and others to give you their two cents regarding the best air compressor that money can buy.

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