If I have to tell you from my experience, I would say that starting your trading career is the most challenging part of it all. Once you have started trading, things start to fall in place automatically. You learn on the way and there comes a time when trading becomes your second habit. The problem here is that many people often fail in finding the right partner for trading. They have many choices for online trading platforms, but picking one out of the sea of options can be quite a challenge. I can make it all easy for you by recommending Genesis11.

You can always explore this broker for your peace of mind, but I think that you are going to like most of the stuff it offers to its traders from around the world. If you have not been able to find a starting point to your trading activity, I am sure you will not hesitate to sign up with it. Why do I think it provides an easy way for you to commence your trading career? You can find out the answer in this review.

$500 for the Basic Account

Who wouldn’t feel like signing up with Genesis11 when the upfront cost is only $500? You will realize the true value of this offering from the company when you look at other online trading platforms. I have signed up with some so I can tell you that one of the brokers I signed up with offered the basic account for 10,000 EUR. If you do not have that amount, you can’t even think about signing up with that company. On the other hand, you have Genesis11 providing you with an easy entry point to your trading career with just $500.

Now, if you look closely, you will realize that even advanced and professional traders don’t require a lot of investment to start with Genesis11. With the Classic account, you only have to deposit $5000 in your account whereas the upfront cost is only $20,000 for the premium account.

Get the Education You Need

If you are having a hard time starting your trading career only because you think you know nothing about trading, I think you should look into the training and educational material from Genesis11. The company has provided you with all the ebooks and videos that can explain every concept in layman terms. In addition to that, you will have online phone support if you go with the $5,000 account with this company. The higher you go, the more resources you will have for learning how to trade. The ebooks are free for you even if you are with the basic account.

The complete trading education program that can take you from a beginner to a professional trader is available with the classic account.

A Web Trader for Easy Understanding

You have so many online companies that let you trade with them through multiple trading platforms. They usually have their platforms available in the web, mobile, and desktop formats. The thing is, if you have the right web-based trading platform, you don’t need all other versions. Not to mention, many new traders are confused while trading only because their trading platform looks different on different devices. You will not go through that feeling when you sign up with Genesis11. The company has made sure that you use the same powerful trading platform no matter which device you are on. Also, you will not have to change the device you currently have to use this one.

Final Thoughts

I don’t say starting a trading career is easy with Genesis11 because I have heard others saying it. I don’t believe in popularity. In fact, there are dozens of other platforms that are much more popular than Genesis11 is. I am basing my opinion on the fact that I felt entering trading was pretty easy for me when I started with this broker. I am sure you will have quite a similar experience when you sign up with it.

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