Nowadays, every successful company tries to use branded bags as their important component of marketing strategy. These bags are either used as their promotional giveaways during trade shows, events, or as a retail offering.

Only those impactful branded bags can make a great impact and grab attention, who can evoke emotion and offer a handy practical item that will be used again and again.

As we all know these reusable bags are very popular as an effective marketing tool, hence there is no shortage of choices available to you. Custom Earth Promos has become a prominent supplier of these custom printed bags.

However, you must understand that it can always be a daunting task to get started. So, in this small post, we shall share a few do’s and don’ts while creating your branded bag for the next campaign.

Few Do’s

  1. Create your bag having a high perceived value

While creating your branded bag, you must make sure your bag should be properly used by the receiver and it should not end up in a cupboard. Secondly, the bag should look trendy with a certain interesting slogan or graphics.

People should feel proud to carry their bags while going shopping or for any other purpose. Your bag should not just be a tradeshow giveaway.

  1. Your bag must be incorporated into your overall strategy

Your branded bag must be used as a canvas where you can picture your vision and also tell your part of the story to your audience, in a highly visible fashion. Your audience should clearly understand what you are trying to communicate about your next product.

You must therefore try to find what kind of campaigns will resonate most with the target audience. You must consider creating a bag that can leverage your top marketing successes.

  1. Focus on your ROI too

Last but not the least, you must also focus on your ROI i.e. return on investment. Try to think once again about your overall marketing strategy and ask the following questions about your branded bag:

  • Whether my bag is marketable?
  • Will my bag bring any profit to me?
  • Whether my bag is exclusive?
  • Whether my bag is of high quality?

Few Don’ts

  1. Avoid asking the right questions

You must also not miss asking the right questions from the very beginning. At the least, we will suggest you to ask your partner a few questions as given below before you commit to manufacturing those bags.

  • Is there any minimum order quantity?
  • Can you offer any design assistance?
  • What are the other options for design features and custom material?
  • What will happen if I am not satisfied with the final product?
  1. Limit yourself

While engaging your core audience, you must not limit yourself too much. While targeting your audience, you should not exclude anyone even if it happens to be the wrong design, size, color, or cost. You must rather create a bag that attracts all sections of customers.

Try to design a bag that will be suitable for men, women, teenagers, and young school-going children too.

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