In the last few months, everyone seems to have lost the simple things in their lives. It has never been more exciting to be able to go back to the places we love. Ultimate mats can’t wait for businesses to be able to welcome returning customers as well as new customers to their premises with attractive and effective logo mats.

Back to Business

As restrictions are eased, life is slowly but surely returning to normal. Part of this process is the return to the high street, local pubs. Businesses are seeking informational floor mats to assist customers with queuing and enforce social distancing. This will allow them to advertise or brand, as well as provide an opportunity to market their products.

Outdoor Logo Mats to Use in Eating and Drinking Spaces

Outdoor mats look professional, durable, and attractive. Outdoor logo mats can be a great way for outsiders to make outdoor spaces more appealing and to promote your brand.

The outdoor mats can help reduce slip hazards in beer gardens and other outdoor areas. They also act as a protective layer that reinforces any social distancing messages or directional messages. They can be used to provide space and a place to clean shoes for staff that are moving in and around the building to serve food and drink.

Colorful Coir Entrance Mats

The outdoors is not the only place you can find things. Some shops and gyms are open. Free artwork visuals are available so you can fine-tune your design before you place an item. Make sure to also provide clear guidelines for customers waiting in lines or queuing to enter buildings.

Coir makes a great entrance mat for businesses with high footfall. Coir mats can be ordered in a variety of colors and have the option of adding a logo. They’re super absorbent, durable, and easy to clean. A custom coir rug can bring life to an entryway, giving it a pop of color and making customers, visitors, and guests feel at home.

Tidy and Clean you’re Areas

It is crucial to maintain indoor cleanliness to build confidence. If you have any entrance mats or coir mats, they will keep your floors clean and dust-free. This will make visitors feel more at ease.

Ultimate mats offer custom rugs with logo for all types of businesses, including hairdressers and beauty salons. Apart from the service and retail sectors, many companies will want to bring back staff. Ultimate mats are happy to brighten the offices and provide a large space for employees and visitors to dry their shoes.

You are reopening and need outdoor mats, logo mats, or any other type of commercial matting? Get in touch with

Commercial Mat Materials

You should consider the climate of your business when choosing commercial floor mats. Is your location near the coast where pebbles or sand can be tracked? You might consider a floor mat that can catch this debris.

Is it possible to walk near a park when mud and other debris are tracked in? Ultimate mats offer the wide range of outdoor mats.  Our Outdoor Logo Mats are ideal for trapping dirt, moisture and are easily machine washable. Our Rubber Log Mats are also available. They can remove heavy dirt from shoes by using specially molded rubber cleats.

You might have a beer garden business and your customers require all the traction you can provide. Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats and Outdoor Brush Logo Mats may be the perfect solutions for slippery floors and customers with clumsy feet. These durable mats double up to protect your business from dirt and debris as employees move in and outside.

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