Importance Of Communicating With a Digital Printer

When considering the best graphic design project carried out lots of work elements come into play. Of this, the major contributors are the graphic designers and a digital printer. A lack of communication between these contributing parties often lead to many complications and unwanted delays which have a huge impact on the overall success of the designing project. To mitigate these problems during your project, it is best to form a seamless bond between the related parties to ensure the proper communication channels are being maintained. This in turn would lead to the following benefits.

On-time delivery of project deliverables
Time saving for the Graphic Designer, printer
Better quality end-product created
Facts That Need To Be Considered With Your Graphic Design Project

There are several factors which need to be consider in order to deliver a successful graphic design project. The bleed is an important factor which should be paid attention to. This involves prints that go beyond the edge in a final piece. On certain occasions a Graphic Designer tends to have less focus in the bleed leading to unwanted delays. The bleed is normally trimmed after printing so that the final print created by the printer has full ink coverage. Due to this, the designer can consider the bleed as background of the image.Also when printing, it is best to provide the digital printer a single image. This is because they normally use a standard size of paper such as 8.5″ x 11″ or the more common 11″ x 17″ and beyond. This is done in order to minimize paper waste as well as by running lesser number of sheets through the printer, the cost will be reduced further. They have necessary graphic designing and printing software to generate cut marks and best placement of images so multiple images need not be provided when providing the source file.

Another important aspect in graphic design of brochures is the accounting for folding space. Enough space should be left when planning the layout to prevent images or text do not fall into the folding area. The style of spread, that is, whether it is a printers spread or readers spread should be judged. Print shops would be able to guide designers on choosing the correct format. Checking a proof copy as a sample of the whole product is what it was meant to be.

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